this is really me.
i'm too good to take your sloppy seconds. i'm a lady, and a southern one at that. i've sassed my momma before, and got my mouth smacked. i'm going to college, but not to get my mrs degree. i'm there to make a life for myself. sometimes i feel like i'm spinning my wheels. i'm a person that you've never met and you'll never meet another like me unless you happen to come across my daddy. i got the cutest darn dog you'll ever meet. you should always count clouds for your troubles. i hate to say it, but i plan to move on out of dixie across the pond to the most beautiful little island by the name of ireland. this little photoblog is my expression of what i love. i'm a photographer by trade. although a cashier job at a small town diner pays the bills. you want to see my work, you say. there's a button below, just ask. i'm southern, rebel, daddy's girl, hippy-fied, boot wearin', drawl havin' belle. i'll never change, not for the likes of you. you just ask what happened to the last'n.

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Some days I see a line or a few words that just scream your name at me. I see your car driving past and I double take at the license plate. I cry when I hear the songs we used to listen to. Every time I think of you, we’re in the middle of nowhere in the back of your car listening to music and I’m wearing your hat. We were smiling, because then we were happy. What happened? #illneverknow #imissus #imissyou #love #thosemomentsyoucantforget

Can I just say that I’m still in this state of mind right now. Sometimes you just need someone in your life. How do you just stop loving someone like that?

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