this is really me.
i'm too good to take your sloppy seconds. i'm a lady, and a southern one at that. i've sassed my momma before, and got my mouth smacked. i'm going to college, but not to get my mrs degree. i'm there to make a life for myself. sometimes i feel like i'm spinning my wheels. i'm a person that you've never met and you'll never meet another like me unless you happen to come across my daddy. i got the cutest darn dog you'll ever meet. you should always count clouds for your troubles. i hate to say it, but i plan to move on out of dixie across the pond to the most beautiful little island by the name of ireland. this little photoblog is my expression of what i love. i'm a photographer by trade. although a cashier job at a small town diner pays the bills. you want to see my work, you say. there's a button below, just ask. i'm southern, rebel, daddy's girl, hippy-fied, boot wearin', drawl havin' belle. i'll never change, not for the likes of you. you just ask what happened to the last'n.

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#goal #cophotoaday @countryoutfitter (Taken with Instagram)

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